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Baptism is a profoundly spiritual and symbolic act of devotion and commitment to one's faith. At Gospel Assembly Of Lehigh, we consider baptism to be a significant milestone in a believer's journey, a moment when individuals publicly declare their faith in Jesus Christ and their desire to follow His teachings.

The Baptism Process:

  1. Seek Understanding: Before proceeding with baptism, it's important to seek a deep understanding of its significance. Attend our church services and engage in discussions with our pastors and fellow members to ensure that baptism aligns with your faith and convictions.

  2. Personal Decision: Baptism is a personal choice and a reflection of your own faith journey. It's a decision to make publicly, expressing your desire to live a life in accordance with Christian principles.

  3. Preparation: Once you've made the decision to be baptized, we will guide you through the preparation process. This may involve meetings with a pastor or mentor to discuss the significance of baptism and address any questions or concerns you may have.

  4. Choose a Date: You can work with our church administration to choose a suitable date for your baptism. We often organize special baptismal services where you can publicly declare your faith and commitment to Christ before the congregation.

  5. The Baptismal Ceremony: On the chosen day, you will participate in the baptismal ceremony, typically held during a church service. Our pastors and congregation will be there to support and witness this important step in your faith journey.

  6. Post-Baptism Support: Baptism is just the beginning of your faith journey. We encourage continued participation in our church community, attending services, and Bible studies, and engaging in fellowship to nurture and strengthen your newfound commitment.

If you're interested in becoming baptized at Gospel Assembly Of Lehigh, we welcome you to reach out to our church administration or one of our pastors. They will be more than happy to provide guidance, answer your questions, and assist you in taking this sacred step of faith. Whether you are a new believer or someone seeking to recommit to your faith, baptism is a meaningful way to publicly profess your devotion to Jesus Christ and to be embraced by our loving Christian community.

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